The Firm

leperadise LLC Building & Development is a boutique firm building the most distinct and imaginative custom homes.  Father and son team Stuart and Jacob Lepera founded leperadise to establish an enduring organization dedicated to building excellence and guided by operational integrity.  Our focus began and remains on coastal estate construction in the Palm Beaches with a specific emphasis in the Town of Manalapan.  Through this concentration, we have developed an expertise in building and zoning codes, environmental and climate conditions, and the demands of coastal construction above and beyond standard practice.

A robust combination of factors defines our projects: customer-centric imperatives, effective management and execution strategies, and unrivaled building standards that integrate both proven and innovative technologies, methodologies, designs, and materials.  We have built and maintained our reputation by always delivering these qualities and practices to our discerning clientele.  We build with the utmost commitment to professionalism and craftsmanship, with consistent recognition by local and state building officials.

We believe each project deserves its own unique purpose-driven approach.  We strive to balance overall functional objectives with aesthetic intentions.  At the same time, we devote ourselves to the careful examination of every detail and all relevant conditions from the start of each project through to completion.  We credit much of our success to our ability to adapt our execution strategies throughout the project, integrating an evolving design process and solving problems with expedience.

We understand how building is a true collaborative process, and we promote a team approach on all projects by fostering an environment of open communication and cooperation among our architects, engineers, design professionals, and material suppliers.  After decades in this business, we have built many homes, and we have also built many strong relationships with some of our industry’s most talented professionals. Furthermore, we cultivate and refine resources for the most exceptional materials and finishes so we can meet the distinct needs of each project.

By operating with seamless efficiency and applying cost-effective, expedient solutions, leperadise consistently delivers remarkable value and convenience to our clients.  We respect our clients’ fiscal and time forecasts, and our commitment to comprehensive post-construction performance has nurtured long-standing clientele relationships.  We love what we do and take great pride in our dedication to building your vision.